We strive to have accurate bios for everyone involved at the Loft. Unfortunately, managing 400+ bios each year takes a lot of time. We are going to now update existing bios twice a year. If you already have an existing bio on this page and would like to update either your photo or your bio, you must submit a new one through this system by the two deadlines. The two deadlines each year are March 1 and August 1. If you miss a deadline, you will need to wait until the next update period. We will make every effort to have all bios updated by the end of the month in March and August. 

You will need two things to complete this: 

1. A bio, written in third person. 
2. As high of a resolution photo as possible (ideally 300 dpi, but if large enough, we can work with 72 dpi). If you save a thumbnail from a website and send it to us, it will not work for print purposes. We can use an author photo or a book cover image, but the images are best if they are vertical or square rather than horizontal in perspective.
Ends on February 23, 2018

Proposals for online creative writing classes for summer term, 2018 classes are now being accepted and are due February 23, 2018. 

This form is for online classes only. If you are submitting an in-person class, please submit it in the in-person category. 

We are looking for creative writing classes for adults in all genres and for all levels. It is OK to include peer review in your class but build it around lectures, writing prompts, and other activities students can do on their own time. We also encourage discussions and fostering of class community as long as the class plan does not rely upon heavy participation. 

What We're Looking For

Multiweek classes for writers in any genre or at any level. Our students include everyone from total beginners to published authors continuing to improve their craft. Classes for intermediate to advanced students are especially needed, especially those taught by teaching artists with recent publication credits or awards that speaks to their expertise. 

Classes that include reading lists of recent works by diverse authors. 

Low-stakes, low commitment classes, with higher enrollments than our normal classes. Estimate the amount of work for students to be about one hour a week (most are two hours or more). Students should not be promised significant personalized feedback on their writing, since this is not sustainable in a high enrollment class; there may be (limited) opportunities to share their work. Classes can be driven by fun, low-stakes writing prompts or specific goals like formatting a novel for submission or writing a query letter.

Thematic Classes

The Loft introduced thematic programming in Fall of 2017. There is no theme for summer, but we welcome classes that are tailored in scope and tone to the summer. 

What we are not looking for

We have not had success with classes that feel academic in nature, are highly conceptual, or are too niche. Get to know our catalog and current offerings to see what we do. 


Feel free to inquire before writing a full proposal by emailing Kurtis Scaletta, kscaletta@loft.org, with your title and a short description and you qualifications to teach.