We strive to have accurate bios for everyone involved at the Loft. Unfortunately, managing 400+ bios each year takes a lot of time. We are going to now update existing bios twice a year. If you already have an existing bio on this page and would like to update either your photo or your bio, you must submit a new one through this system by the two deadlines. The two deadlines each year are March 1 and August 1. If you miss a deadline, you will need to wait until the next update period. We will make every effort to have all bios updated by the end of the month in March and August. 

You will need two things to complete this: 

1. A bio, written in third person. 
2. As high of a resolution photo as possible (ideally 300 dpi, but if large enough, we can work with 72 dpi). If you save a thumbnail from a website and send it to us, it will not work for print purposes. We can use an author photo or a book cover image, but the images are best if they are vertical or square rather than horizontal in perspective.
Ends on December 1, 2017

Applications for teaching at the Loft are now open. Applications for summer youth classes are now being accepted and are due Friday, December 1, 2017. Please see the Loft website if you have questions about what kind of content we're looking for. The posted Reference Guide for Teaching Artists, also on the website, has many answers to FAQ's on everything from Loft policies to teacher pay to descriptions of all the various programs and opportunities the Loft has to offer. Please read this reference guide before emailing the education director or program associates with questions.

Online classes for teens: 

if you would like to submit an online class proposal for teens for summer 2018, please contact Kurtis Scaletta at kscaletta@loft.org with a title and short description for the class by December 1. Note that due to federal privacy laws we can only run classes for children ages 13 and over.